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We are More Alike than Different​

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In The Colorless Womb author Kimberly Gowdy tackles the topic of surrogacy and infertility head-on. The book encapsulates Gowdy’s early struggles to conceive and carry a child to term amidst misfortunes—seven failed pregnancy attempts, three surrogacy attempts, and being trapped in an abusive marriage with her former spouse who valued his drug addiction more than his wife. Her journey in search of alternative ways to have a family is confronted with racial and societal pressures of parenthood but after seven failed surrogacy attempts with only two embryos left, the biggest surprise comes in an unexpected package.

Gowdy’s openness to share her truth is refreshing and brings the reader along for an emotional ride sprinkled with humor, pain, encouragement, faith, and transparency. She proves that help in any form can come in unseen ways and people. “Since this is a true story, it was just a matter of telling my truth. The Colorless Womb shows that even with the racial tensions in our country, love is above racism. The person on the inside matters more than what is on the outside,” says Gowdy. 

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