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Born in Gadsden, Alabama, and raised in Connecticut, Kimberly Gowdy who is the eldest of eight siblings has always yearned for a child. After seven failed pregnancies and being trapped in an abusive marriage with a spouse who valued his drug addiction more than his wife, she parted ways with her husband to start a new life in Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of a rainbow.

As fate would have it, her rainbow appeared years later in the body of a gentle, kind, and understanding man.  They shared the same dreams of having a child.

Kimberly knew that she could become pregnant, however, she could not carry a child to term. “Although I didn’t want to go through an unconventional way of having a child, the man I loved wanted to take this journey, and my love for him allowed me to move forward,” says Gowdy.

The couple entertained the possibility of surrogacy but experienced one disappointment after another. To be exact, seven. Yet after the seventh failed attempt with two embryos left, failure was not an option. Desperate to find the perfect surrogate led them to the biggest surprise of their lives—an ultimate match in an unforeseen package...

Gowdy is a licensed insurance professional for the State of Georgia and 35 additional states. She is the founder and charter member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Psi Omega, Peachtree Corners chapter, GA. Currently working with United Healthcare, Kimberly has received multi–awards and honors as the top Ancillary Insurance Sales for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from the prestigious, Cheyney University. She blends both her education and extensive business experience to develop and educate people on benefits that are important to their lives. 

Over the years, the major lessons she has learned in life are: ‘Love and forgive people, treat others with kindness, don’t judge and always laugh’.

The biggest accomplishment that she is most proud of in life is being a great wife to her husband David Gowdy and a super mom to their 8-year-old son. 



"No matter what your desire or dream, you should never give up. My book encourages—you will fall in love with the character and cheer her on until the end. I  hope that my book helps to break some of the stigmas of infertility, and society’s popular opinions on when and how people should become parents."--Kimberly Gowdy

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